Jasen Lee and Amy Donaldson are speaking out and speaking up about the issues facing our community and the nation. We are engaging in conversations that seek to help us understand our differing views and opinions on complex issues, and what possible common ground might guide us in our search for solutions.


This podcast follows freshman Rep. Ben McAdams, D-UT as he tries to navigate - and legislate - in a winner-take-all political environment. Rep. McAdams interviews the people he works with, for, and sometimes fights against in this insider’s view of national politics. This is WashingTown.


We Happy Few is a podcast created by a veteran, for veterans and it explores the complexities of what military service means through the stories of veterans, their families and their friends. The stories span all types of experience, from the monotony of training to the long-term impact of combat to the difficulty in adjusting to civilian life, as well as the challenges families face when one member volunteers to serve in the armed forces. 


This podcast seeks to explore the reasons people seek challenge, adventure and healing in outdoor adventures. Told in narrative story format, this podcast offers information and inspiration as athletes - from weekend warriors to professional competitors - share stories of personal transformations hard-won, sometimes unexpectedly, through outdoor challenges and races and events.